Friday, August 8, 2008


Control alt delete....
My life never followed this instruction..
It never reset like my PC after an error..
Errors are a part of my process..
Wish there was a task manager who controlled my active processes..
My mind gets weighed down with a deluge of facts..
Almost hitting of as Hard in the gastro-intestinal tract...
Rhyming words never made much sense
But still in an age to achieve poetic beauty there has to be a pact..
Holy WWW shit,Sync up with my Pod,
Lets go fishing without a rod
Random is a state of mind...
Never thought much about something
Or anything much about something
She had driven me crazy
In the winter sun i suffer heartburn
On the green blades of glassy grass
I lay there stoned as a red meteor from outer space..
Musings of a broken heart...
The emptiness of feelings in the vast wilderness of this ugly world
Life as it is in this Dog eat Pig Universe of ours..
The pain lingers ...
The sense of achievement lost in oblivion..
Respect, Power, Agony, Dogma...
All part of this unholy shit..
Swearing is illegal
But who the FUCK cares???
Heartburn is common ailment
But its cure uncommon to all..
I confess my sins to all those who care ..
But soon i realize they aren't to many who do so
Don't know why i do so many things to hurt others
But i must confess..
It gives immense pleasure to disturb people when they are busy :P


mayank said...

A very angsty rap feel to all of it, but then you can't really control the angst bit when heartbreak is a major part of ur verse..:) Try to have some control on your thoughts..There are places where they are promising and might have come off better in a different format...For instance, 'green blades of glassy grass' is rather painful imagery but slightly out of place in the rhythm of your poem... I also liked the emptiness of feelings bit..
What i like is that you never deliberately tied yourself down to a fixed rhyme scheme..Many poems end up getting completely ruined if one tries to rhyme them while not knowing how to...
Try your hand at other themes(rain for instance) with less cheeky last lines.. :P...You have a lot of potential if you give some coherence to your train of thought..but yea was almost tapping my feet while reading it...:P

aman said...

i write very randomly and usually in class...u see the classroom provides an excellent ambience for creative writing..i'll try something else the next time i am bored in class.