Friday, August 15, 2008

Musings of a knight on a rainy night

The sky was grey and like a blur,
All I could do was to think of her,
She left me, betrayed me
But still I thought she loved me
I was a fool to fall in love with that girl
But here I was mourning in betrayal
The raindrops spluttering-splattering on the road
I had nothing to do but stand there getting bored,
I stared across the road for a while,
There was nothing but emptiness for a mile,
Nature was sleeping,
The skies were weeping.
The wind in my hair…
Heightened my sense of despair
I thought about the aim of a life
Was it all reduced to find myself a wife?
Who would take care of me and my family too?
Or maybe treat me like an animal from the zoo…
Then suddenly something caught my eye
Like a bolt of lightening from the sky
I saw a pretty girl wearing a small little frock
Standing in the rain as still as a rock
Her eyes shown like emeralds and her faced glowed like the sun
As I approached her she began to run
I followed her till the bridge across the river
As then she stopped and began to shiver
She looked at me with no emotion
And as I came closer she was about to jump
I wanted to stop her but my throat was blocked by a lump
Our eyes met and she stopped
I felt my heart was about to pop
A girl as beautiful I had never seen
In reality or in a magazine
She appeared to have descended with the rains from above
I finally realized that this could be true love
My thoughts were racing at the speed of light
Searching to the words that may sound right
Never had I wanted someone so bad
All I wanted to know why was she sad
Time was ticking
I knew she wouldn’t stay there waiting
But in the depth of my heart I almost knew
That she had feelings for me too
I asked her about her history
She began telling me her sad love story
I realized we were aboard the same ship
And this might be blossoming into a serious relationship
I waited for her to make the first move
But she thought along the same groove
Amidst the silence of the seas
We were teleported to the world of the purple trees
It seemed so right yet so wrong
Like Ms. Kelly making love to Mr. Wong
Finally the silence was broken and so was my heart
She left me to see the new mega mart
I wondered why I was in shackles and the birds so free
And why was she so pretty unlike me
Did she feel the same for me?
Or was it a myth of the land of the purple trees
I still do wonder if those words I had said
Would her heart for me have bled?
Those tears of sorrow from my eyes to her feet
Have swept the ground beneath her feet
I still feel the same for her, my dear
And she would have been mine if wasn’t for my silly beer
So here I was, lying on my deathbed here ,
Lonely and sad
Telling the story of the love I never had


Rohit said...

it is the responsibility of saasc to see to it that aman doesn't die a lonely and loveless man...secy saab must make some arrangements...

jazbaati hoke likhi hai yeh to..aman, pls try to read whenever you finish a line and see if it sounds good..u should show patience and avoid writing lines that sound weird, just to make them rhyme...the patience to wait for the right line is what every poet needs..
is poem par yeh sab laagu nahi hoti kyunki yeh to jazbaaton mein behkar kisi ki yaad mein likhi gayi hain...keep writing:) mast hai:)

aman said...

jazbaat mein nahin class mein sote hui likhi gayi thi. didn't hav anything better to do in class..dont blame me blame the teacher..the bitch wouldnt let me concentrate properly time when i write i'll think more about wat i am writing..