Monday, August 11, 2008

Do I Have a rain story?


Do I have a rain story to tell? Ever since topic rain has been announced, I have been racking my brains to find a story worthy enough for this blog. The blog is going from post to post with each new post raising the bar a little higher. Come on, I must have atleast one good rain story, maybe only an anecdote buried somewhere which I could package in excellent imagery, use dictionary vocabulary, embellish it with some emotional qoutes and get away with it.

Nah. The brain isn’t working. I decided to take some inspiration from fellow bloggers. Gagan had described his trip to verandah. I follow his lead. I woke up at 6 in the morning, opened the door and ventured into the verandah looking for some insight on this rain business. Just as I start noticing the irreverent shapes of clouds, their random shades, and the sun peeping from behind them this happened…

The verandah trip turned out to be a waste of time. Thankfully, Kshitij posted on the blog too. Another masterpiece sees another blatant attempt at plagiarism. I convince myself that whatever I am trying to do is not plagiarism. He talked about his day out with a random girl with the waiter uttering pick-up lines on his behalf. Now, do I have a random girl story?

I come out of PEC Audi, start moving towards the parking and spot a first year girl sitting on my bike. I try to prolong my journey to the bike. I shake hands with each and every person who is hanging about the parking area, make meaningless talk, hi-five people I hardly know. All this while I am thinking of what to say?

I decide on saying “I am waiting as long as you are sitting.” Summoning all courage, throwing my inherent shyness aside, I reach her and say “Excuse me” and then words don’t roll of the tongue as planned. They are frozen deep within. All the male bravado has gone. There is an awkward silence. She works out that its my bike and moves gracefully to the adjoining scooter. I stand there like a fool, participating in an awkward silence. This isn’t going to plan. Maybe I too should get a waiter to utter my pickup lines.

S perches herself on the adjoining Vespa, and I overhear her saying that it’s not as comfortable as the bike. Immediately sensing another chance, I think of another pick up line “riding pillion on the bike is even more comfortable”. Now, did I go for the jugular? Let’s leave that for another day because I have just now realized that there is no rain in this story.

Sigh! I am back to square one. I guess I should not waste more time fighting the fact that I do not have rain story to tell. Strangely enough, even before I had decided what the content of my first post would be, I knew how it would end. I would quote the protagonist of the movie of 21, who tells his professor an incredible tale describing how he cheated Las Vegas casinos of millions of dollars, and then asks him:

“Did I dazzle you, Professor? Did I jump off the page?”

I would ask the same from the mentors. But should I change it now? Surely, I haven't told them an incredible tale which has left them open-mouthed. Or can I afford to be cheeky even after posting my non-existing rain story. I don’t know. Shit man. Can`t even decide the ending.

Damn again!


mayank said...

cheekiness and sheer brattiness personified...Don't make the mistake of thinking that you'll get away with this:)...But very impressive thought flow..and the mukul-ish innovation which we are so used to now:)...Your flow is very pleasing..Good work and yes Doc, you dazzled the daylights into us...good luck