Saturday, August 16, 2008


For a long time we have been thinking of starting the quizzing section on this blog,for a start I am posting the questions of the recruitment test .
The answers are posted in the comments.I would like all people who are interested in Quizzing to post their trivia questions.We are also thinking of starting a weekly quiz .Please post in your suggestions for the quizzing section in the comments.

Q.1 Who won the booker of bookers and also had a fatwah issued against him?

Q.2 Which rocker and roll legend recently won a lifetime achievement award
for contribution to literature?

Q.3 Which country is Waterloo in?

Q.4 Which school does Abhinav Bindra belong to?

Q.5 Why does NDTV always ask its users to SMS to 6388 for polls, a
quite popular mode of advertising for television channels?

Q.6 Which country recently recorded the highest rate of inflation?
(Bonus marks if you write the exact figure)

Q.7 Which Asian business woman draws the highest pay package for Women CEO's?

Q.8 Expand SUN in Sun Microsystems ?

Q.9 What is the old name of AXIS bank ?

Q.10 What does the 3 pointed star in the Mercedes logo signify ?


aman said...

The answers to the quiz are:
1.Salman Rushdie
2.Bob Dylan
4.Riverdale public School,Dehradoon and St.Stephens, Chandigarh
5.The number 6388 correspond to NDTV on the mobile keypad
6.Zimbabwe (2.2 million% inflation)
7.Indira Nooyi (CEO PEPSICO)
8.Stanford University Networks
9.UTI Bank
10.Land Air and Water