Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red Moon

As I looked through the tinted pane
Mystified was I, as she came
Well, I wanted the beauty to be mine
But along came that bloody swine
The flowing velvet and glowing shadows
Left me with the deepest hollows
And when she caught him in a closer hold
Stone turned liquid and air solid
I had to evade the soulless sight
But I knew I needed all my might
Someone was laughing, someone crying
But why was I still trying?
To reality was I still trying to come
Unaware, that the darkest deed was yet to be done
The shining knife
The starless night
I tried to speak
But managed a squeak
The moon was red
The velvet was dead
Bathed in sweat, I opened my eyes
Ringing in my ears were the ghastly cries