Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A cup of tea for you and me

Good day fellow bloggers. I hope the idea of a single blog with multiple authors has been well accepted. It's an opportunity for all of you to give wings to your imagination and let it soar beyond the skies. For all those who have been writing regularly, this is a place where you can share your ideas and expect them to be appreciated the most. Those who are new to writing, there can't be a better platform for learning than this, where some excellent writers would be commenting on your writing and giving you a bit of what we like to call 'constructive criticism'. Since the SAASC website is still a castle in the air searching for some concrete construction material, i'll be using the blog on the rare occassion when there's a need to convey something urgent. For those who weren't there at the meeting earlier, here's a list of people who will take care of the creative writing forum

Forum heads
Vinayak Talwar(3rd year)
Mridul Gandhi(3rd year)

Mentors from the final year
Sahil Dhar Hakim
Maansi Verma
Divya Kesri
Piyush Goswami
Rohit Bhat

Learn all you can from your mentors. I personally am all awe for the way they put their thoughts on paper. The mentors will be seperately commenting on each post and you have every right to counter argue and put your point forward.

So happy blogging! Splash you creative juices on a canvas of ideas. May all your dreams find direction. Cheers!