Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random blankness

Dewdrops form on the outside, but inside you're just flooded.
may decieve you into drinking 7-up, but really its just water.
Red. Green. Blue. Yellow. . . so many colors
all fuse together into one big swirl of M&M's. . . .
so drop down on all fours-just be careful and not dent the door.
bang your head against the wall and watch all the pretty blood pour out again.
hello now, its been a while . . . still i remember like yesterday.
feels exactly like the same benumbed stinging shooting pain
cannot see, my eyes have gone blind again.
say hello to the nice birdie. and throw all the vodka out.
these demons keep swirling in your head and make you go crazy
gulp down all the things you want to throw up.
just mix it all into a bag o candy.
maybe it'll all just work itself out. . . .
and you wont have to put on your shoes ever again.
echoes, silence, patience and grace.
put together all the missed signals
and fuse together, the two worlds apart.
when your mind becomes just another encased tomb,
and the wall of despair rises above the rest.
bring back the shadows that colored me red
and savour every little rose petal that ever touched the green grass.
b'coz this rainbow in the sky won't stay forever.


oblique-skeptic said...

aaah....liked it...there's nothing like sheer randomness to start the day with...random stuff is good to read, although, of course, no one would mind reading stuff that actually makes un-efforted sense to everyone....nevertheless, this random piece did make sense to me...but then again, i think of it, what i want to think of it...a writer, is good, when he's able to make the reader think of what he wants the reader to think of.