Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is something very random i wrote while I was remembering the rainfalls at Sanawar. This is purely a description, though it's a bit haphazard :) . I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

The road was decorated with puddles of mud, as the dark venomous sky spat down in bitter angst,little droplets fell from the sky as it could not bear their burden anymore, the dark cloud mumbled and fumbled to itself,disappointed with it's inability to completely devour the sun, as little streaks of light arced forth through little imperfections in the otherwise continuous velvet blanket of clouds,it's grey frame silhouetted against the waning sun,little by little inching across it's surface, crushing it's light to a naught and then devouring it as a whole, the cloud letting out an angry roar of lightning as a grunt to celebrate it's victory,the sun giving way and succumbing to it's dark whirls as the cloud smirked with vengeance.

The drizzle changed to an onslaught as drops thrashed against the mountains, the fierce wind making the pattern of the rain go awry,changing it's direction,only as more drops came pounding down like curses from the clouds.

The dense-cotton mass hung down like a ball, changing shape with the slightest rush of the wind,throwing forth a plethora of drops, unevenly scarring the terrain, the ground sizzling in response and letting outwhirls of dust that were lost to the oncoming darkness.Vision became a blur as drops of mercury thrashed down like arrows, darkness spreading it's hold further and further .The darkness took hold like a plague, for a long time all was dark and noisy, ghastly winds tore past the trees, their leaves lunging forth into the unknown darkness,swept by the fierce wind, loose branches resisted but eventually gave in, getting lost like a pebble into the ocean, creatures howled and hid and howled some more, there was no respite, nothing to do away with the cold cunning thathung about like a beast with no shape from the sky,the onslaught continued into the thick of the night,then almost abruptly it came to a still, there was no wind,nothing moved,no drops pattered against the ground,it was all still, very still.

Nothing defied the silence, no drops fell,the sky was clear, the stars blinked down in dumbfound unison, mutilated trees wept alone in the silence, a feverish chill descended on everything, creatures hid in their holes for fear of the beast, it was all perfect and still. Then slowly something stirred in the silence,the gushing sound of water became perceptible as little rivulets of water sped down the slope, getting lost somewhere in the dense foliage that was scattered all across the mountains, little drops trickled down the barks of trees and hung on the edge of leaves kerplunking down with a plonk into puddles of mud,a cold breeze rustled through the forest making trees shiver and letting out a whole array of drops falling uncertainly on the ground,it was as if the whole mountain breathed a sigh of relief, the beast was gone.

As the stars glimmered with the last traces of their light and a sleepy sun forced it's way through the yellow coloured sky, the shadows beneath the trees haunted with the darkness of the night slowly melted away. It's light as if stuck behind the residue of clouds that hung from the previous night's rain over the horizon, making them glow fiercely like a bulb. A loose leaf from the branch of a tree took notice of the slight wind and softly floated away with it, slowly wafting through the air along it's path.The sun now slowly emerging from the mass of clouds and throwing a spell of yellow-orange rays on the mountain side,which reciprocated by shining a brilliant gold , the twitter of birds filled the air, their colourful plumage on display, golden rays streaming through dense clusters of trees, throwing delightful shadows all around.

Life started anew, buds bloomed to completion, bees visited flower to flower in search of nectar, butterflies floated along the fields,colourful birds took to the skies,an army of ants busied itself in search of food forming zig-zag lines with military precision on the uneven ground,eager frogs jumped helter skelter in search of early morning prey,snails munched on fallen leaves with newfound delight,creatures came out of their holes, staring at the clear skies,all rising as if in response to the warm rays of the sun, welcoming the golden king.


water-color said...

Phew! that's the most explicit description of rain i have come across. Use that as an exercise,i'd suggest and mind the long sentences. Comma after comma and one sentence becomes a paragraph. try avoiding that.

i enjoy reading decriptive prose as much as i like writing it. but some say, it needs to be limited.

maybe the other mentors could comment here.

Ko said...

*proud* :)

and when are tessie-bear and smartass-tha posting ?

Digvijay said...

Thanks :)!I know it got a bit too descriptive.. gave me a headache when I re-read it!

Digvijay said...

Hey kokil!..Thanks! nice to hear from you:).. How're you doing? When can we see you at the next ed-board party? :P..How's your new university?.. tessie's and smartass' articles should be on their way too.. they're yet to become members of the blog though