Tuesday, January 6, 2009


She had it in her. The muse she searched for each night before going off to sleep. Her books would remain open on her study table as she tilted her head on the wall, closing those beady eyes of hers for just a moment or two. Feeling the tip of her braces with her tongue, she stayed motionless just doing nothing. A silent tune would pass, sometimes a familiar face would flash by. Her dad would too.

It had been more than 7 years since she had last seen him. Her Mom had always told her that he had just had too much of his life and so he had left. She never did believe that story. Although she was just about 2 when her dad had left, she always felt like she had been there forever. The cream coloured walls bent as shadows hiding her in the shade and she still had her eyes closed. Green colored sandals shifted an inch there and a little there as the toes of her feet wiggled with the chilly cold. A smile had just come to her lips. The pink half torn lips had not seen what her eyes had, yet they stretched their best to get that curve. Atop her blonde hair perched a clip that hadn’t been replaced since she first found it on the street below. It had fallen from a lady’s purse as she ran to catch her bus. The lips were still bent in a curve, the clip too wondered where this smile had come from.

She finally opened her eyes, pushed her spectacles up the incline of her nose and squinted to look at her books. She picked up a pen, warmed it a little in the candle, jerked it twice, thrice for good luck and then wrote:

“This is an ad for my father, who disappeared 7 years back. He looks like Al Capone but without the cigar. I’ve left the title empty for you to fill it up, incase you’ve seen him alive, please put MISSING and incase you’ve seen him sleeping, please put OBITUARY. Either way, please reply on the following address…


mayank said...

getting better by leaps dude...Taking it to a very different level..This one was very simple yet very elegant