Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quiz conducted by Madhur

Hello all

As we laze in on an extra long Republic Day weekend and explore our patriotic roots, here lie the details of the quiz conducted on 21st Jan by Madhur Behl. 15 teams took part in the prelims and 6 were shortlisted for the finals...Those who stayed the length of the quiz were witness to a typical Madhur Behl quiz routine, full of sharp wit and work-outable questions, some that got the audience beaming for the sheer elegance they carried.

Here lie the results of a very high scoring quiz

Position 1...Vinayak and Abhinav Saini (110 points)
1st runners up...Aman Oberoi and Anand ( 105 points)
2nd runners up...Mayank Raina and Vaibhav Nangia (95 points)

The quiz was a see saw all through with the top three teams exchanging the first position a number of times. But a series of direct hits by Vinayak and Abhinav pushed them over...Congrats to the winners...Here are some of the questions from the quiz

For the PDF of the entire quiz, e mail me at

THE 2.5 $ QUIZ

PRELIMS (picture questions haven't been put here)..There were a total of 17 questions in the prelims

-Which is the most purchased musical
instrument in the world ?

-What does the following sequence
good- home- gone-hood-hoof-hone

-What does the following sequence
good- home- gone-hood-hoof-hone

-If you are playing ‘whites’ in the game
of chess, how many opening moves
are possible?

-People featured in a single video
Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, Kamal
Hasan, K.R.Vijaya, Revathi, Jeetendra, Waheeda
Rehman, Hema Malini, Tanuja, Sharmila Tagore,
Shabana Azmi, Deepa Sahi, Om Puri, Dina Pathak
(Actors: Film and T.V.) Mallika Sarabhai (Dancer)
Mario Miranda (Cartoonist) Mrinal Sen (Filmmaker)
Bhimsen Joshi, M Balamuralikrishna, Lata
Mangeshkar (Singers) Narendra Hirwani, S
Venkataraghavan, Prakash Padukone, Arun Lal, PK
Banerjee, Syed Kirmani (Sportsmen), Meenakshi
Which ‘video’ ?

-“ There is a bad M and a good M, and
we have gone through the transition”.
Who said this?

-This is the opening line of which book–
“______ was beginning to get very tired
of sitting by her sister on the bank, and
of having nothing to do: once or twice
she had peeped into the book her sister
was reading, but it had no pictures or
conversations in it, `and what is the use
of a book,’ thought ______ `without
pictures or conversation?”



-T9 representation of the number 1443

-3 moves

-Mile Sur Mera tumhara (the standard doordarshan video which formed a part of our black and white childhood)

-Ratan Tata
(Bad M and good M refers to Mamta
Banerjee & N. Modi respectively)

-Alice in Wonderland

Some of the questions from the finals

1. An unusually large canon which was mounted on the
protective wall of "St. Mary's Wall Church" in
Colchester, England. It was intended to protect the
Parliamentarian stronghold of Colchester which was
in the temporarily in control of the Royalists during
the period of English history, described as the English
Civil War ( 1642 - 1649). A shot from a Parliamentary
canon succeeded in damaging the wall underneath
causing the canon to fall to the ground. The Royalists
attempted to raise this canon on to another part of
the wall but failed in their task and Colchester fell to
the Parliamentarians after a siege lasting eleven
weeks.What owes its origin to this incident?

2. Before the Ranji Trophy the only organised
cricket tournament in India was the
Bombay Pentagular .
Four of the teams were the Europeans,
the Parsees, the Hindus and the
Which was the fifth team?

3. The company ________ futuristics is the sole
distributor of
Walther Arms (A German Arms Manufacturer) in
India. Who is the CEO of this company?

4. Alleged ‘facts’ about X:
X can count up to infinity.
X can compute the result of dividing a number
by 0.
X also managed to compute the terminal digit
of pi.
Who is X?

5. He was born in Pondicherry and his middle
name is Nelliyatil. Nelliyatil means ‘a lovely full
moon night’ in Malayalam.
Since he grew up in the US he opted to literally
translate his tongue twisting middle name to
English. He started off great in what he does,
blowing us out of our senses but lately he has
been criticized for his work and has been in
news for his not so happening professional
Who is this guy?

6. On March 1, 1978, his corpse was stolen by a
small group of Polish and Bulgarian mechanics
in an attempt to extort money from his
family.The plot failed, the robbers were
captured, and the corpse was recovered
eleven weeks later near Lake Geneva. His body
was reburied under two metres of concrete to
prevent further attempts .Which famous
personality is being talked about..??

7. When Ayrton Senna died in an accident at
the Imola Circuit in 1994, yet another
driver was seriously injured, but he was
fortunate enough to recover fully and
continue his F1 racing career.
He raced seasons for both Ferrari and
Honda in subsequent years, and became
the most experienced driver in F1 history.

8. The 13th century brothels of Paris were the
first to have done what, following a royal
order that they should use something to
demarcate themselves from normal

9. Usain Bolt's personal best of 9.69 seconds
in the 100 metres is the fastest ever legal
Tyson Gay recorded a time of 9.68 s at the
2008 US Olympic Trials, but IAAF nullified
its inclusion as a world record.
Obadele Thompson's run of 9.69 s in 1996
is also not recognised for the same
What was ‘illegal’ about these runs ?

10. It includes the following features:
Latent image
Opticaly variable ink
Back to back registration
What is it ?

11. This comic strip was originally set in India, with
the main protagonist’s ancestors being killed by
‘Singh brotherhood’ and his 20th ancestor being
killed by ‘Rama’.
However, once the comics were introduced in
India, the story shifted base to Africa, with the
names changed so they wouldn’t offend Indian
sensibilities. This was later made into a
television series and then into a movie as well.
What am I
talking about?

12. A strengthened 12-foot (4 m) wallof timber and earth
was created by 1653 as a defense against attack from
various Native American tribes, New England
colonists, and the British. The wall was dismantled by
the British in 1699. And while the original name
referred to the Walloons ( a french colony), the
present name of this place was taken to refer to the
wall that once was here.
On January 26, 2000, the band Rage Against The
Machine filmed the music video for "Sleep Now in
the Fire" at this place, which was directed by Michael
What is being spoken of ?


1. Humpty Dumpty........The canon was called Humpty Dumpty.(term
used in 15th century England to describe
someone who was fat).
Humpty Dumpty fell to the ground. The Royalists
('all the King's men‘) attempted to raise
Humpty Dumpty on to another part but failed :D

2. The Others

3. Abhinav Bindra

4. Chuck Norris (from the Chuck Norris impossible to believe fact)

5. M Night Shayamalan

6. Charlie Chaplin

7. Rubens Barichello

8. Hung red lamps outside their doors -
and hence, origin of the term red light

9. Due to excessive ‘tail wind’

(Tyson Gay was aided with a tail wind of
4.1 m/s, exceeding the legal limit of
2.0 m/s set by the IAAF..
• Obadele Thompson's run of 9.69 s in
1996 aided by a 5.0 m/s tail wind. )

10. The Indian Currency Note

11. Phantom Comics

12. The Wall Street

The finals of course had many more interesting questions including a number of picture questions...You are free to comment in case there's anything new to add from your end...Happy Quizzing