Friday, January 30, 2009

Bang Boom Smash!!

Bang goes the bullet thru the doors
Boom goes the bomb amidst the snores
Smashing went a city beside the sea shore
Burnt. crashed. spent
The tale of a city with its life on rent
Slithering into the night
They had no mission, no fright
Boring lives of boring people
Turned exciting in the blink of an eye
The time had come for people to rise
To learn that money isn’t the only prize
Intermingling between the classes and the masses
They saw no difference in the body masses
A life is a life
Worth to be taken
No one stirred, no one shaken
They came. They saw. They almost conquered
But alas! They would have almost prospered
Some rose above the lines of duty
They fell to rise up in glory
The end wasn’t pretty
It was bloody n gory
All the reporters saw, was a good story
The rise and fall of unsung heroes
The helplessness of people, the face of villains
An award worthy story of their crimes and their pains
A few days later, the storm had died
A few people laughed and fewer cried
Girls wandering in their skimpy clothes
Guys following them in their fancy shoes
Cars still running at the speed of snails
The spirit of the city was up for sale
There was other important work to be done
And we shall wait another day to be stunned!!


Ko said...

.. you had time to write that but not to conduct a quiz?

tch tch. bad form. the poetry's is decent though ;)

mayank said...

Given the fact that the poem was supposed to be a satire on the way we dealt with the entire Mumbai scare, you could, maybe, have been a little more intense in the expression of it. Also, when we're writing free verse, we are not bound by any rules; but the moment we start rhyming lines, we have to try to be creative. I am being harsh because i had become used to some extremely good poetry from you in the recent past..But good job on a normal day :)

The spirit of the city was up for sale

aman said...

well i wrote this one way back in the first week of jan..and i would hav loved to conduct my own quiz after putting in so much effort for making it..

and i'll try n be more intense the next time i write such poetry..but i wrote this while coming back to Chd frm the airport frm delhi..i had nothin to do in the car n wrote this so i guess that explains the lack of intensity

Ko said...

excellent use of metaphors. and kids, please make it a habit to revise your work!