Friday, January 30, 2009

La Pluie (The Rain)

By Maansi Verma, Chief Ed PEC (Bow)

Ever had a failed conversation? You try so hard to speak to a dear old friend but there is no response. You have been trying her number for the last week, but nobody answers. Or worse, you are sitting in front of her, talking to her and she chooses to ignore you.
La Pluie is a failed conversation with the rain.
(written in singapore, where the rain is like a daily sitcom)

A few words exchanged,
even in distressing winter,
words of scorn and wrath and jibes,
we fought 'cause i disliked,
her dark depressing steps
on the bright threshold of my doorstep,
at morn, at night.

But summer was bright chatter
she would visit often,
and was at her playful best
would leave a basket of roses,
always, at my doorstep.

Here, she's always around,
only looking for a gap in time,
But she doesn't speak
(apart from scary thunder),
I wait and watch,
I try so hard to listen.

Not even the sound of a beating heart.

I sat in sheltered land,
and watched her go.
Wistfully, I pondered,
Maybe she talks a foreign tongue,
Maybe her voice to me is noise,
Maybe she finds me uninteresting,
Maybe she's just too shy,
Maybe she just can't find the right start.

I try so hard to listen,
Not even the sound of a beating heart.


Ko said...

you know..somehow..that is exactly what the rains in Singapore are like. There's "Nothing. Not even the sound of a beating heart."