Friday, January 30, 2009

The Salt Of A Tear

The salt of a tear touched my lip

Tickling my cheek across the path it had traveled

The wetness of the rain matted my hair across the floor

And I shuddered in the February wind

Pressed hard against cold marble some more

Wanted to scream something out, but the words escaped me

An echo of a name hammered against the wall of my mind

Yet I couldn’t grasp it

Wanted to tell someone something

Anyone, anything, maybe a story…

But the words wouldn’t take form

A box clamped so deep so tight inside

every peek … broke a part of me every time

the only reality was what flipped through my fingers

its edge my surety, the sharpness its proof

a blue vein snaked through my hand

ready to be let loose, and bask in its freedom

the first pinch across the wrist, something within loosened a bit

just a bit…

a breadth of peace passed through me…

drop by drop my blood flew out

my vision began to blur,

the name in the echoes began to clear

and my heart beat thumped loud in my ear

a story began to form its lines

as everything began to fade away

the box finally snapped open

revealing its secrets

restoring a part of me

**comment well...da poem needs it


mayank said...

I don't normally like commenting on the theme of poem, but god isn't this extremely emo
slash wrist, clench fist..but very good flow maintained through the entire length of the poem. The lines almost roll into each other, which makes for an impressive read...But i still can't get over the blood curling theme :)

vaibhav said...

the emo quotient is my year is rising .. sure makes things interesting

the turncoat said...

inarguably one of the best verses I've read of late.,

the turncoat said...

okay, can't help doing this a second time,
the theme was pulled off more than just brilliantly and I admire the cleverness with which you saved it from being another cliched senti poem, the kinds women generally do,
okay, time for another read :)

Ko said...

did you write it when you were feeling all this pain..sure feels that way when one reads it.. quite fabulously done ji..kudos

Astha said...

Well i was in my Object Oriented Programming yah u can say dat i was in pain