Friday, January 30, 2009


you're too old for fairytales they say
not too old to take a hit
get lost, or maybe find another way
to lose yourself bit by bit

lights burn through the moonlit sky
the starry holes clearer that ever
blind yourself, as much as you try
dreams were never supposed to be all that clever

so stay,
wont you listen to me play
the night is for lovers they say
and you wont know the dawn anyway

burnt rubber smell on that outside town road
of failed escapes,
well know ways, you got lost in
lost dreams that never had much shape

lights haunt my blinding dreams
they drive the madness to play
plagued with horrors; not to be seen
horrors, leave and come as they may

so stay,
till the winds take you away
for once time must stop, have pause
because time is as fleeting as it always was

amidst dark feelings so intense
a life lived fuller makes so much sense
the curve leads you into the night
one that's just begun, will be done in a trice

stay, choke on that hollow cry
not because you can, or want to
but with a strong urge to fly
you've got nowhere to fly to

i cannot and will not take entire credit/brickbats for this .. co-written at best


mayank said...

I almost choked on the last para...Beautifully written, less of poem, more of a song, with a very prominent mid song chorus

blind yourself, as much as you try
dreams were never supposed to be all that clever
There are portions that are a little weak compared to some of the exceptionally good ones, but weak only in the lack of imagery as compared to some of the stronger sections..An Excellent read overall

vaibhav said...

i always have weak sections .. but thats because i never put in as much effort as i perhaps should

Astha said...

meee like meee like....Its sooo different than what you usually write...its witty, its cute, n romantic in a weird way, and not emo at all....

Ko said...

yes it actually kinda choked me up as well. it's so..wistful. maybe if you tried, you could have done an even better job. i don't understand this concept you kids have about not revising your work! and that includes you mayank! it's a habit you would all do well to change!

Divya said...

is dis next after violet?

vaibhav said...

you never know