Friday, January 30, 2009


This a poem written by Latika when she was still in school. I always smile after reading this one

Swifter than a torrent meandering down the hill,
More colorful than a butterfly sitting on the window-sill,
Stronger than a tornado whirling all around,
But softer than a rain-drop falling on the ground.
Fiercer than lightning incinerating the earth,
But more tender than a blossom coming to birth.
Brighter than the stars,
Brighter than sunlight,
And still darker than the cloudy moonless night.
Clearer than the sun rising from behind the mountains so high,
But more perplexing than the Aurora in the sky,
More frivolous than the waves in the ocean,
Twirling in the waters like a magic potion.
Flying like a tiny chirruping bird,
Soon evanescing into the clouds above the earth.
Such are the notions ahead as well as behind,
Such are the thoughts bewildering the human mind.