Wednesday, January 28, 2009


the colors of my life...
they seemed so few
in the shades of my melancholy,
i found no other hue...

the shadow of my past...
it loomed over me,
my obsession,my passion
my zahir was all there could be!!

my dawn was dark,
my dusk,grey!!
my life was possessed,
the thoughts i realized were there to stay!!

i sat down in the calm of my wails,
i sat down in the dry of my tears,
she never was there,in my empty world,
she never stood by me,in the worst of my fears!!

when she was there,my life was bright,
always her name on my lips,her love by my side...
her thoughts were all over mein wake and in siesta
her verve, her ardour made everyday a fiesta

but now am stranded,
on the forlorn island of life..
im looking for a ray of warmth at the portal..
i wanna live again, my zahir isn’t be immortal!


suhail said...

ooops...the last line is...
"cant be immortal"