Tuesday, January 27, 2009

melting point

And so I sat and pondered,

How blue the house over yonder,

Sewn from brick and stone,

Howbeit it fell at dawn.


Ink blotched parchments, a prophet lost for words, visions of flames engulf;

a crimson horizon shall judge, the hubris of the world.

On the pedestal of vanity, the blue blooded prince commands, sardonic the mighty armies wield swords harbinger o’ crusade.

Silence of the battle rages, deafening cries of war, a lone shriek of a banshee and a thousand arrows of love.

Pawns’ blind amour, innocuous true faith, string of a melody, before the carnage of hate.


Zoschphrneiic, a schizophrenic.


Mohit Rodeja said...

somebody's been hearing desert rose a lot...