Friday, December 26, 2008

Temporary Scars

In the dimness of my room.
I hear the shouts and the screams.
Roaring and Tearing, they move.
Scaling the walls and breaking the gates.
I cower in a corner and await the worst.
Demons prowl in our hearts and
Evil haunts from our past.
News and slogans carry the fear.
And I lie a victim in this maze.
The blood keeps pumping.
But for how long ?
Will it be in my eyes tomorrow ?
Or will it be on the floor ?
Barrels and triggers are under my skin.
Stones and bricks are on their way.
I might sit today and lie down tomorrow.
Will I live to die in this world of sorrow ?
Angry words and helpless cries.
Fly in the wind and up in the skies.
My hair stands on my back but,
Deaf are those ears of wisdom.
i sleep in a blanket and
it may just burn with my pyre.
A boy thinks this, so will a 90 year old.
Countries are lies and systems are flawed.
Perforated I am in this so called LAW.


mayank said...

This writing streak of yours is doing you a world of good. Lovely poem...It's as emotional as the the topic demands. Somehow i feel, a delicate issue such as this, when handled through the medium of verse should be a little satirical and less direct. But then that's my personal opinion..,can't afford being judgmental..Nice job..Seniors critique invited, others may comment as well

mayank said...

i mean i would've made it satirical had i written on this theme ( i was under fire for my previous comment :P )

the turncoat said...

a mindful blank rhyme.,