Saturday, December 27, 2008

I dont know how to think of an apt title

Why terrorists are waiting for New Year to explode a nuclear bomb?

It recently came to my knowledge through reliable sources that terrorists have acquired a nuclear device. Following are the reasons I think they are still waiting:

They are not ready:

They require additional infrastructure, mechanisms and manpower to explode the bomb. If they do it now, everybody would be after them and the movement would die down. But that would be assuming that terrorists are finite. The Mossad team tasked with eliminating perpetrators of Munich massacre killed the second-in-command of the organization, and then killed his replacement, and then again killed the replacements replacement. And we all know where the UN-led effort to track down Uncle Osama has fared. We haven’t till now even got the original guy.

And the War on terror about which Bush famously declared on an Ocean Liner “Mission Accomplished” is so not accomplished. I just wonder that if you have the capability of acquiring a warhead – you have to sneak into compounds which are under huge amount of security, grab the equipment undetected, come out alive, and then hope nobody notices that there is one cookie less in the jar – you definitely would have the capability to pull the switch.

The World chooses to believe otherwise:

The other day Osama gave a X-mas call to Obama and told him that he had a warhead lying around somewhere in his attic. Obama just chuckled and said “Nice one, Mate!” Since then Osama is shooting videos with his trophy so that the new guy at the white house takes him seriously.

They want to use the warhead as a negotiating leverage maybe to claim some continents as theirs. And for that they need the world to believe that they actually have it. And, what use is a nuclear bomb explosion if CNN doesn’t have prior knowledge of it. Imagine CNN anchors encouraging viewers to vote on the poll “Which city do you think terrorists would choose? You can SMS at ….”

They are distracted:

They are too distracted by the vocabulary wars on this blog that they are waiting for the next installment before starting a war of its own. Anyways, nice to see some activity here.


mayank said...

i was waiting for your post :)

Reliable sources...ha ha...

Magic Mukul said...

Cant reveal sources, responsible journalism!!!