Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Secy speaketh

Hello all.

Insight is a weapon of the mindful and it was well displayed with the kind of response we got for the previous theme. Those who missed out, missed an opportunity of being a part of a very stimulating discussion which put forth some rather radical views. It showed that the youth of the day dares to think differently and will not be pushed down by the run-of-the-mill argument.
But as much as we would like to continue this discussion further, the promise of having a vibrant multi-themed blog which caters to all kinds of writing genres has to be fulfilled.
We have come up with a new theme, courtesy some of our club mates and it is the sort that lends a lot of scope for interpretation and witty thought streams.
The theme for this week is obituaries, and if you care to think about this for just a few seconds, you'll realize the tremendous scope that this seemingly eccentric topic brings with it. So wield thy mighty pens again, lets get this on the road and rolling
Happy Blogging


the turncoat said...

this should be exciting :)

Divya said...

i think he needs candyfloss...

Vinayak said...

mayank yaar, ur really good at runing the blog :D isnt it just so cool ? ill write articles and u give topics

mayank said...

aa yaar tu waapis...i'll have no work for you...promise