Saturday, December 20, 2008


I think I've managed to get the spellings right. First of all, thank you to the ones who fought hard to keep the blog alive. And thank you to the ones who all of sudden gave me a wave of inspiration to revive it once again.. Since all of us are in out cozy little nests, with internet connections which don't block, we'll be making an earnest attempt at restoring coherence in our thought process and getting the creative juices flowing once again.

Welcome back to Dream Compass. The format remains the same, the platform remains the same, and the theme will keep changing
For this week, we focus our attention on the menace that has recently led to sufficient heart-bleed, generated enough emotion to affect even the most aloof. 26 November shall remain a blot forever, in the minds of those who suffered directly or indirectly, as well as those who still believe in that glorious concept called India.

We, as the supposed intellectual elite of the country, have the duty of doing the least we can by expressing our anguish not just at this incident, but the menace of terrorism as a whole. So the theme for the week is terrorism and its offshoots. Lets try and come up with ideas that don't just give facts, but also present an analysis of someone who cares enough to give this topic more than a passing thought. All interpretations, all related topics and all opinions in any form of lingual expression(poetry, essay, story, rhetoric) are invited..

Happy blogging..


Magic Mukul said...

Last time Renaissance happened it produced Dante, Machiavelli and Shakespeare.
This time maybe Duggal and DJ?

Vinayak said...

Spelling is right :)