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Information Splurge.....

I am not sure if all the written information pertains to a single topic but there are so many co-relations between things that I hope you’ll realize that it’s very easy to get swayed.

The english isn't all that classy but that's not what I intend to do with this article anyway.

As far as my historical knowledge goes, we started from large civilizations. Mayas and the Incas from the Americas, Mesopotamians from the Middle East, Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans in Europe, Harappans here in South Asia etc. Then we had a period of time in which the understanding of worldly phenomenon increased (Iron Age, bronze Age etc). People realized the need to capture each other’s lands and there began the era of conquests. We had the holy crusades, various invaders like Napoleon etc. America remained far from the known land. There was large trade between the Arab world and South Asia extending upto Singapore and other islands in South East Asia and the region we know as India seemed like a rich state to plunder. While the European nations advanced and built ships to further their trade routes via the sea, we were in the midst of major warfare throughout the various periods. Funded by kings and encouraged by human curiosity people found new lands discovering the Americas in the process and started to control them for their own trade benefits (The idea of using trade to benefit its own state was hence initiated). Till a long time, either we had plunderers or we had fair system of trade. But the Europeans primarily French, British and the Dutch sought more. The French had to deal with a civil revolution and their world stand weakened. Dutch did not have the same firepower on the seas when compared to the British. And soon the English controlled the major part of the world.

But the Americas soon tasted independence and they never received any resistance after that either. I guess it was sheer luck to be living in the undiscovered land. Then we had a huge immigration of European population to the Americas. They were good to go. They proceeded towards modernization with steadfast development with the driving force from Europeans who had seen the latest inventions and the ideas to build it bigger and better. Not to mention the blacks being used as cheap labor.

The British still had control over Asia and continued to as we all know. Even though it was part of the industrial advancement but it still had to face and spend on resistances in various commonwealth countries. Hereby it could not concentrate on developing over all stronghold as much as the USA did.
Hence it is vividly evident how USA could have easily managed to control all the major world policies that would have come into existence. How the creation of a unipolar world worked over. This is the primary reason for disparity in nations.

Now whatever differences we witness today arise from that very consequence of living in a unipolar world.

Since the major funding of United Nations (The United States gives $13.3 billion tax dollars in direct Foreign Aid annually), its organs basically act on furthering the USA’s interests.

We have had number of conferences of World Trade organization and they always end up creating two sides. The developed world vs. the developing world. In the recent developments, developing countries cannot manufacture the medicines without patent rights from the place where they were first created anymore. Brazil and India constantly push for countries like the US to decreases subsidies and open the markets for increased trade but they continue to budge.

The article describes the development of World Trade policies like TRIPS and Anti-Dumping laws, formulated to protect US Transnational (also Very Capitalistic in nature) companies.

Although articles like ( ) prove how India is certainly beginning to appear on the world map and the US would be foolish to ignore it.


Now, I want to talk about something which people usually don’t think about. I’ll elaborate with the example of the Japanese automakers dominance of the US markets which saw the climax recently with the three giants of Detroit (Chrysler, GM and Ford) begging for money from the US government to avoid collapse(humorously they might as well be the Bankrupt Three far from being the Big Three)

Reasons being better efficiency in production by foreign owned plants in the US and lesser paying jobs by Toyota and Honda (as much as 40 percent less labor costs for non-Detroit plants). Coupled by the smart strategies of Japanese automakers and decades of hard work by penetrating into the US markets, today even on heavy discounts by Detroit car makers, they still could not increase sales.

I used this example to emphasize the point as to how arrogant America is losing ground and has been doing so for a long time. US is on the losing side of that invisible war. Smart countries like Japan are eating it inside out but they don’t blow the trumpet like the US does.

A lot of oil companies (primarily based in Texas) that make insane profits in the US have been funded by rich Saudis. The oil companies were primarily started by the Bush family and the idea of working with the enemy to make profits goes as early as Prescott Bush, grandfather of George bush, providing raw materials to Adolf Hitler and later getting caught under the trading with enemy act. If you want the whole account, refer to this article:

I heard this through Michael Moore’s documentary but apparently he said the Saudis own a large part of Texas. Even if they don’t, they have financially supported large oil deals.

America is killing its economy and losing the economic war. It remains in a state of oblivion, arrogance that can only lead to the downfall of the greenback.

The graph shows how Japan and China have more than 1000 billion dollars of foreign holdings in US treasuries.

I quote the article, “The Twin Towers of East Asia, Japan and China own so many claims against Americans that we might as well put our children in chains as they are born. No one will ever be able to pay them off. Who owns America? Everyone except Americans.”


the turncoat said...

extremely refreshing :)

Magic Mukul said...

ya very refreshing

After going through the article and links given i think this is the template we ought to follow for a topic


But gagan if u get an A on collection of information i think i would have to say you get a D on its presentation.

Its a great splurge of info but i think it is the responsibility of author to present the info in such a way that it is a nicer, tighter and more structured copy, especially for topics which are not exactly general interest.

Anyway its just my opinion. Having finally finished reading the article as well as the qouted sources i think i definitely have gained something

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hello mukul
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a: it wasnt a collection of was a splurge as it's titled...I knew the facts..I Didnt collect them.

b:The sources were there because i was presenting some radical viewpoints and As I ve noticed people dismiss them like they do it to their goo in their noses
so i wanted to make sure that it was completely plugged.

c:The whole idea was to let people know about it and maybe incite them to discuss it.