Monday, September 15, 2008

My raging fire

I’ve lost the desire
to fly higher
for my life’s become a satire
written by men the gods hired.

The wrath that ignites the fire
The ire it breeds for the liar
does make my mind tire
and wonder who sits and conspires.

Each thought of revenge
has given rise to a flame,
which has been
really hard to contain.

A flash of jealousy
A flicker of vanity
A streak of greed
A spark of dishonesty
each light up a flame
I try to subdue.

Each fume that rises
with a fiery hue
seems to reflect
my point of view.

I have failed to extinguish
the flames
that have fed on my soul every day
only to throttle it today.

The flames that have risen
and tightened their grip
around my neck,
have left a deep regret
for every emotion they have checked.

My raging fire,
that has left me fuming
at my own fate,
has gained prime importance of late.

I wish it would die
I wish I could fly
but my feet remain entangled
in matters that can't be handled.

It's like they say
so free we seem
so fettered we are...