Monday, September 8, 2008

Fire in the Hole !

I would like to call this fire of a different kind.
It is neither on my candle nor is it on my mind.
It is trapped in my belly and will leave from behind.
And will destroy the spaces where its to be confined.
Yes it is the fire from spices that I have ingested.
That will burn out my insides as I sit here congested.
It was a dark temptation from the snowy peaks of Tibet.
Some ancient black magic was on the loose, I surely bet.
It was at this little stall that I had fallen a victim.
Which went by a strange name, "From Tibet to Sikkim".


Ko said...


tune mere pet ki baat bol daali :)

well done! almost as good as the limerick I composed earlier this month ;) though I think you can still polish this up a little...

Ko said...

change the last two lines na pls. "'this' little stall" doesnt sound right, cos "this" is exophoric for no evident purpose. and i want it to be longer because i want to know what happened next.

Vinayak said...

ok ji... i shall work on it ASAP ...