Sunday, September 7, 2008

fire is lit...

I was waiting for the right time to break the news to my father. But, I guess, you can’t plan for these things, they just happen. He told me that he was going out, scouting for banquet halls to hold a party the family has been planning to hold for an eternity now, and he expects me to come along because I know Mr. Rajeev Kakkar. *

It had to come out now.

Papa can’t meet him without knowing anything about it. So in the brief 10 minute journey, I explain to him the plan in as much detail as time would allow. He meets him, sees the venue, satisfies himself and we are homeward bound. We go into the financials on the return journey. It’s a topic on which I generally lose him every time. We stop at the neighborhood market. He tells me to wait and goes off. He comes back and hands me some crisp notes.

“Start with this; we’ll arrange the rest later”

That is when I realized that it was for real, the plan could go ahead, and the fire had been lit. It falls upon us* to build upon the start, to convert a fire into an inferno.


*Mr. Rajeev Kakkar: Group General Manager, Western Court Group of Hotels, Industry veteran, Rohan`s Dad

*us: me, Rohan and Wadi, may we have a thousand adventures together.


Ko said...

so when is the next edition of La Cafeteria?

Ko said...

... when is it out, I mean

Magic Mukul said...

Second editions to be out soon. Preparations on in full swing