Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The fire within..

She froze in mid-motion with her back towards him, stiffening with every echoing footstep he took that brought him closer again to her, tearing down the distances that her faltering feet had striven to create between them. Her heart banged against her ribs; it belied the cold stony composure she fought hard to maintain as he caught her by the arm and spun her around.

She managed an icy smile as she turned, and pressed her lips hard against each other to keep them from trembling. She could do this. Her blood was boiling inside her, but she coolly shrugged away his arm and looked into his face with stoic calm.

Her eyes gave her away, they always did. It took one piercing look of his to hail the searing pain that broke her facade, that made her eyes turn into molten mirrors and made her mouth tremble before he crushed it with his own.

Goodbyes aren't easy :)


Vinayak said...

great job... a matter of few seconds has been put in so many words... i do wish more could have been put forward but anyway, good to see that someone wrote on the topic :P

Ko said...

i could've gone into her thought process as he took those steps towards her and she thought a million things, chided herself for hurting, scolded herself, yelled and screamed and dug her fingernails into her palm as the voices in her head rose to a crescendo of pain...but a women's thoughts are too personal to be strung out on a clothesline :P

Mohit Rodeja said...

@ko - you still have a lot to write :)