Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Sinner's Act

No matter how many times you cried
But you still couldn't feel
No matter how many times you fell
But you still couldn't heal
No matter how many times you woke up
To the music of the gale apart,
As the children plunged their knives
Right in the middle of your heart
To believe in a fairy tale is a child's dream
For the poison rain in which you once played
I strip the soul off its chaste innocence
And the body burns in which the shadow once laid
Tell me would you rise just to be buried inside?
Tell me would you run away just to win a fight?
Your life is free from every fair frontier
It's all over in a matter of your eternal plight
Don't you remember the time when life went free?
The birth of you and the death of me
The children are back with their hands full
And the blizzard is knocking on your door
Tell me would you cry to never feel?
Or kill yourself only to never heal?

- Harshil Bhardwaj
2nd Year, Meta