Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Happy Boy

With a bucket of flowers, wet and sweet,
And pockets filled with all things pretty.
With a heart full of joy,
And a barrel of happy juices.

He trots through hills and valleys alike.
With the gaze of a tomahawk, stares around.
Looking for the distant Shiela placed,
Amongst yellow blooms and toxic ravines.

He plans his entrance with tedious detail.
The happy boy glances, drops of sunshine.
A cool breeze she feels, her bosom.
He watches her, her moves. How he watches her!

With songs of love, of tragedy, and life.
Percussion, strings and notes unheard.
With a funny twang and a perpetual bang.
He enters tip-toeing into her sphere.

His charm, and his heavenly pleasure,
Putting at rest the world and her defenses.
With a touch, a smile and a wink,
He puts her world in a joyous topsy turvy.

For the happy boy places his seed deep within;
A seed wrapped in myriads of packets of happiness.
With his conquest made, and a life changed,
The happy boy trots on to hills and valleys alike.

-Avneet Hira,
General Secretary, SAASC (2012-2013)