Friday, May 10, 2013


My body sat on the swing quietly one night,
My mind it’s only companion, wandering the lair,
Of my thoughts, and suddenly- cold fright!
An empty swing glides gracefully through the still air.
On cue, a crow croaked,
Waves of cold my body soaked,
Why is it suddenly freezing?
And then I heard it, a sickly wheezing.
I could have sworn I saw something there somewhere!
Yet, when I looked, there was nobody there.
The crow moaned, a black cat waltzed by,
It stopped. Slowly twisted its head, as if shy,
And fixed me with an evil gaze,
Then the lights went out in a cold dark haze.
I felt, in every nerve and sinew and vein,
The kind of fear that drives men insane,
Exept maybe, it was there all along,
Building up inside me like a slow song.
Whence came this unwanted notion?
Oh who’s this? I see some motion.
The lights came back, but they, they were different this time
Spewing rays of malice that coalesced with the shadows,
As the swing hit the side with a chime.

I stood there, rooted in fear,
Stabbing my a heart like a spear,
Move I did, thanks to the reptilian part of me
As the part that reasons drowned in the sea
Of fear, and as I reached my home,
I looked back to see a pair of eyes,
 Shining like precious stones,
The silhouette of the cat’s face made me scream,
It wasn’t over, it seemed.

That night I woke up, bathed in sweat,
Slimy worms slithered on the floor to make it wet,
There was only thing I remember from the nightmare,
The black cat and it’s evil stare.

To escape this all, I sought religion,
I meditated, and used psychedelics to get crazy visions,
Desperately seeking some relief,
From the idea that fear is our deepest seed.

Seconds became months, months became years,
In my solitude I conquered all my fears,
Enlightenment beckoned from the distance
Nightmares and black cats ceased their existence,
I saw angels float serenely in the air,
Mesmerizing beauty shine everywhere,
The ultimate truth, I searched
Where everything that ever was and is, converged.
I took a deep breath,
and closed my eyes,
Preparing for the truth
To let go of lies,
An image flickered,
I knew it well.
It was the evil stare of the cat from hell.

-Fateh Singh Mann
4th Year, Mech