Monday, October 29, 2012

The Cliff

And as he leaped off the cliff, all sense of fear seemed to evade him. Instead, after the initial few seconds, a sense of calmness seemed to overcome him. Adjusting himself against the rush of the wind, he seemed to realize an almost universal truth. He realized that at the age of 56 having accomplished what he wanted and having given the most of what he could, he really had no regret in dying.  He realized that instead of being unable to contribute positively anymore to the world, is it not better to snuff one’s self out?  

The fall really was unlike anything he had ever expected. He had gone skydiving but this was so much more different; so much more raw. This fall, unlike his countless others seemed to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. There wasn't going to be any parachute that would snap open and slow him down. This time he would fall, faster and faster until only a smear of him would be left on the unforgiving rocks below.

Still he remained calm. There was no flashing of his life in front of his eyes or anything of that sort. He felt nothing but a strange tranquility. He actually enjoyed this one final experience, the wind howling in his ears, the saliva whipped away from his mouth and with the wind hammering at his eyes too hard for him to open them, he barely saw the rocks approaching. And just as everything went dark,  he smiled.

-Varun Balaji, 1st year