Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In the name of survival, we thrust

I live here, but here is not where I belong,
The path deserted and the journey long.
Behold life around me tight, and I wince in pain.
The smiles are marked, for tears merge with rain.
I sleep with my dreams; dread the moon a tonne,
Wake up to my mares, I fall in love with the Sun.
Pages that are blank, everything do they reveal,
When the thoughts burn, injuries come to heal.
I want a way out, part of me stays,
Two-faced I am, half of me slays.
My May begins in March, dies in August.
The other half – blood, love and lust.
Follow my instincts? Unlikely I am to please,
Toe the line? Too low to appease.
Considerations do adhere, evil does thrive,
I don’t belong here, that is why I must survive.
Gearing up my back, readying my fists,
Battling rains, and clearing mists.
I question my methods, the Sword I trust,
Come what may, turning them to dust.
In the name of survival, I thrust.
In the name of survival, I trust.

-Shirish Sharma, 1st year