Monday, October 29, 2012

Music review- Foo Fighters


Not only is Dave Grohl, Foo Fighter's founder/frontman/guitarist, committed to never let rock die, his post-grunge band's seventh effort since 1994 is unapologetically a classic act in virtually every way. The Foo Fighters have avoided their fancy studio lodgings for this album, opting instead to record the entire album in Grohl's garage! The result is a no-nonsense collection of raw, roaring, straight-up rock tune paired with lyrics that are often as impenetrable as Grohl's snarling vocals and ferocious guitar riffs.

Burning Bridges: Hyper Energetic with the echo of Grohl’s intro chant of “These are my famous last words” and you know that you’re in for one hell of ride.

Rope: Starts with echo coated clattered guitars before crashing into mahogany-rich cymbals. In short, kickass vocals; kickass riff and kickass drums!

White Limo: Album’s heaviest track, where Dave Grohl’s screaming vocals bang through most of it. The lyrics are majorly distorted and this itself adds to the garage-recorded-thrash-metal feel to this song. However this seems overdone at times and the endless screaming and growling becomes tiresome and (one might even say) irritating by the end of it.

Arlandria and These Days are tough, unstable energy ballads in their own melancholic spirit.

Walk: This song is what will make your time spent on listening to this 47-minute album worthwhile. You can almost feel yourself ‘million miles away’ and this is clearly the best 4 minutes of music to come out this album.

After "Wasting Light", it’s safe to say that anyone who compares Foo Fighters with Nirvana has either never heard them or has been too busy immortalizing Nirvana to hear them. And yes! Dave Grohl is not just ‘the drummer from Nirvana’. He is the Dave Grohl - founder, lead vocalist and guitarist of Foo Fighters!

Other Songs of the Album: Dear Rosemary, Back & Forth, Miss the Misery, I Should’ve Known, Matter of Time

Best of Foo Fighters: Walk, Rope, The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace), Best of You (In Your Honor), All This Time (One by One).

-Harshil Bhardwaj