Monday, October 1, 2012

Perfect Flaw

She sits in the corner
She sometimes does cry in her sleep
She waits for the night to fall
But no one seems to see

Differs in her ways of love
They don't let her smile again
She sings in the silent dark
To walk her through restrain

She won't give a sigh out
She won't let you see the tears
Lost into exasperations
Their joy is all she fears
The way they look
Down at her chest
Smile and giggle
As yearns in disgust
She waits for eyes to pass away
As she looks down her ground starts to sway
She wants a pleasant dream in the day
But she fears to sleep after what all they say

Loud though she has always been
For what all our eyes have seen
She reaches the depths inside of her
Which lets a bleeding sigh usher
She needs no pills.
Yet she loves the high
It gives her
What they all deny
She pleases their eye
For what they want to look
But complains is all
That she ever took

So she runs away
To a place she might find
To change what
She left behind
Someday she waits to wake and see
How beautiful inside she might be
She waits for someone to make her believe
For her the world he would leave
So she sits in the corner again
Stares into the darkness, eyes start to rain
But she won't break
She will fight them off
She won't stop
She knows what it'll take
She's heard them tell
She's heard them yell
She's taken the weight
What they compel

What she waits to know
What she waits to find
To find silence
Deep in her mind
Though not sure
After what she saw
But what she doesn’t know
She's a perfect flaw.

-Chaitanya Narula, 2nd year