Tuesday, April 14, 2009

good bye.....

the thought of writing this struck me after a recent get together
good bye
i wouldnt like to say good bye
but i shall have to leave,i dont know why
i shall have to go to a new place
and start afresh at a new pace.
the days thai i have spent with you
are not far and few
there are even memories of the times
when you taught me nursery rhymes
there were times when i forgot my homework
and you saw me standing outside your brickwork
and you saw me play a trick or two
and the lessons the teacher made us do
i remember those monday morning blues
when i hadnt even polished my shoes
you saw me shocked when i heard of a test
there are so many moments to recall
but now i can look forward to more at all
for with your thoughts in hand
i m going to an unknown land
i shall remember how i used to be in school
i shall remeber you,my school.....