Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Shot

I was walking through just another college corridor when I eyed a particular piece of paper pasted on the wall. The information on the paper was interesting and I thought to myself - "Hey! Why don't I give this a shot?!"

And I did. I did give it a shot.

As I rushed towards the door of the classroom, I almost dropped my pen, twice and lost balance, once.

I got to the classroom and as I peeped inside after having arrived at the entrance, I was overwhelmed to see so many others, almost just like me, some nervous, some clueless, some busy in establishing acquaintance with the nearest female(or male). I walked up to an empty spot and found myself a place to sit. I looked around the classroom anxiously, waiting eagerly for it to begin and also for it to get over.

Then walked in a couple of people, and I bet I had seen them before, not anywhere particular, but definitely somewhere around in college; and these people were usually seen a lot, almost everywhere, but that's again besides the point. They handed out printed sheets of paper to everyone and the directions to begin were given. I had decided to give it a shot and that's exactly what I did. I looked at the paper once, twice and thought to myself, "Sahi hai! This is going to be easy - Lets do it!"

After having scribbled the last sentence into the sheets and after verifying my name, branch and Roll number on the first page I turned the paper in.

I waited for about three days to look at a list that didn't have my name on it. I had checked twice :)


I gave my first SAASC test in first year, didn't make it and gave it again the next year. I feel blessed to have been here.

Yesterday, I made, what possibly will be my last poster for SAASC and while I was doing so all the SAASC posters I've yet made flashed before my eyes (Really?)

Anyways, Thank You SAASC :)
Its been fun being around.

See you at the Quiz tomorrow.


mayank said...

i was an arrogant first yearite..
Hakim..yaar..senti kar diya yaar

m y s t i c said...

sahi mein man
thats senti nostalgia =/

D said...

:) SAASC wouldn't have been the same without having you around either:)