Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where I Roam...

I dedicate this post to a movie I once saw.

There it was, in my dreams again. The choppers blades cutting the air as its vibrations flooded my ears. The engine's hums lying in the back, it whirled in front of my eyes. Sitting in my uniform, waiting for the worst, I huddled up in a corner, sweating with the heat and sweating with fear. And then I opened them, my green hazel eyes.

And the choppers blades were right there, above me and I was right beneath them. Any second now, they could lash at me and cut me up. Splatter my blood all over the ground and leave me to rot there. Maybe I did want that, maybe I didn't. Maybe I was just dreaming again.

I looked at those blades again and now they were just those of an ordinary ceiling fan of a room in an ordinary hotel. But where was this hotel ?

In search for answers I lifted myself up from the bed and headed for the curtains. Pulling them apart, the light tore into the room as I squinted in hate. And then I saw it, Saigon.