Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i hav made an attempt to write about a character as was told in the last creative writing workshop..

“one more glass of wine,please”,says joe ,finding hard to push words from his mouth in subcounscious state. Having lost his persona in those glasses of wine, he is no more than a dry desert herb striving for more and more water. He is fed up from his mechanical and monotonous life in which his actual self is lost somewhere. His heavily paid job sucks his blood. Joe wakes in the morning when the clock ticks 6. The one thing for which he spends his whole day is the morning tea. Perhaps ,it is the only thing Mary shares with him lovingly. Else, the bridge of differences between them keep on widening and that too ,on the microscopic issues. In the office,his boss just suppresses him and his rare smile in heaps of daily assignments and he can’t protest. Taking refuge of the piles of aspirin ,the hands keep on moving till the clock ticks 8. Everyone goes and he too.. but his work never. Retiring from the pen and paper,he goes straight in the stress relieving zone. ”one glass ,please” and gradually, he loses his identity in that magic bottle which people may call doom but for him,it is a boon, a boon to his life not worth living...