Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have this habit, long denied
Of turning red and rushing to hide
When caught red-handed, or unawares
With boy, with book or when tumbling down stairs

I hid from friends when I was out "with a boy"
I ran behind a tree to hide
Later, I hit myself repeatedly on the head
When the funny comments turned snide :(

I hid when mommy caught me peeking
Into Big sis's grown up book
Often hid and stalked my childhood friend:
I had a massive crush on his flashy look

I hid when Silvia burst into the room
When I was unfit for company
I hid when I was caught wearing white
On a rainy day that had started out sunny ;)

I hid when I saw the knowing look
Pasted on my teacher's face
When she saw me sharing a cosy lunch
With a boy. I ran as if in a race!

I hid under a bridge when my mommy's friend
Spied me out for a walk one eve
I hid until she turned the corner
Then hurriedly took my leave :P

I hid my gaze from his, right after
I 'fessed up how I felt
I'm sorry for the way I keep behaving!
So many things wrongly dealt (with).

I tried to hide when I fell in love--
But only succeeded in turning blue
I wriggled and squirmed and ducked and blushed
But, I failed at hiding from you :)

Her mommy saw me gape, and duck
Out of sight, in someone's car
Another time I pretend I was someone else
And I prayed they couldn't recognize me from afar!

I'm never up to any good, it seems
I beg to disagree!
It's just a funny freaky thing that I do
It's just a quirk of being Me!

I'm out, about, in perfect innocence
A familiar face makes me flee
I'd crawl under a rock if I would fit
Or beg you to just, HIDE me!

I look away from your knowing eyes
I clamp the smile on my lips
I sober my crinkles and straighten my back
And await your naughty quips

It takes three seconds before I lose my hold
I blush, flush, reluctantly break pretence
I'm giggling and hiccuping, my eyes are tearing
But you refuse to abate your wicked comments

I'm going to stop these silly games,
I tell myself solemnly
I'll be all grown up, and own up, make amends
I won't hide away so sillily.

But the next expose happens, and lo, you'll see
I'll be scrambling for cover yet!
I'll beat a retreat, while you chuckle and wonder
When I'll put up such a big show next!


Divya said...


*smiles widely

Ko said...

thanks for the wide smile yaar, i was beginning to doubt my funny skills :-s

mayank said...

kokil kokil...o kokil kokil