Monday, March 9, 2009

A man I know

In the dark voids of the cosmos, two stars sat talking. They wondered about each comet that passed them by and each star that had died and come to this universe. They talked of a couple of planets and even a few galaxies. But then one of them asked , " Why don't we look at something smaller?"

And then they looked, looked at a planet here and a couple of moons there. They saw happy faces and sad faces, they were proud and they were pitied. Some got lucky some got poor. And then they ventured on to planet Earth and spent some time searching for people. But they got the same share that was in other worlds, nothing too different, maybe a hand more and a an eye less. Was it all that this universe had to offer ?

But then they fixed their gaze on a different soul. Whose feelings and actions seemed a little too... vague. He was a question waiting to be answered and a form to be filled. He was a man that was known to me.

His mornings came with the sound of an alarm, that would ring twice and then let him do the rest. If his will wished, he would rise to greet the day. But he was usually seen lying on his drool till midday. But when his feet touched the ground, the gravity from Earth pulled him to the loo in a flash. Grabbing his morning paper, he marched to the cubicles and would always pray and hope to find his spot vacant. Solving word puzzles and skimming over comic strips, his world of 1 X 2 X 1 was his only sanctuary of peace and serenity.

The stars liked this soul for he did not burden them with joys or hopes or fears. He just lightened all that and brought a little smile to the face. For this was the curious case of a man who wasn't too busy with his friends or families or worries. He was too busy figuring out himself. Day after day after day.

It was time for the sun to rise now and the stars decided to rest for the day. Tomorrow they will return to see this man again and just in case they don't come tomorrow, well let's just hope they do.


IsHiTa said...

I think I know Him....

anumeha said...

yeh wohi haina??!

IsHiTa said...
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