Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Meaning of life

What is the meaning of life, what do we all live for,
Is it money, is it love, or is it peace of mind?
Is there a purpose to our lives on this little blue planet,
Is it something that we’ll ever find?

I do not know what is to become of our lives,
Or what shall be our fate.
But I do know one thing as sure as hell,
That we’ll never find an answer at this rate.

For we humans are too callous, too cunning, and too cheap,
We fight petty wars over religion and land.
But in truth all the things we’ve achieved so far,
Are nothing but shifty footprints on dry sand.

I do not know where in lies the meaning,
Or even if such a thing exists.
But I feel myself closer to the answer,
Every time the human spirit persists.

So let us not forget one thing no matter what,
It’s not about the money, or the times you fornicate.
It’s about the times you’ve loved and lost,
And then learned to live yet again.

-Nitin Davessar, 3rd year