Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love in disguise

An infinite sky, billions of people, still a myriad of emotions for that one person who doesn’t even care! Our heart flies aimlessly like a kite, rising high in the sky, looking for its destination. Still our mind wanders from place to place for a glimpse of that person we barely know. Is it the dimples in his cheeks or stars in his eyes or that soft curl of hair that gently touches his brow that is so charming? Those awkward cum awesome moments of sheer thrill when our heart simply forgets to beat and there is a rush of adrenaline like never before. The feeling of walking on the clouds with the wind whizzing past and humming sweet notes gently into our ears. This feeling, if nothing more than the after effects of a hangover is equally intoxicating.

But is this what is love? Is he the knight in shining armor ready to rescue his damsel in distress?

I believe love is a feeling much above all this. It is when we share our little secrets with a friend and we fight for him. It is when we get mad at him and still forgive him after everything that happened. Sometimes in the hustle bustle of daily life we tend to miss that one person who is always by our side. That one person who laughs at us every time we do something stupid.That one person who’ll do anything just to cheer us up when sad.

He silently hides in the veil of friendship as our guardian angel. He so wishes to be our lover but what if he ends up losing a wonderful friend. So, caught up in this spiral of love and friendship, there he stands silently wishing that for once we could see through his eyes and feel the same way as he does. True Love is not selfish and it is not about getting the person we love. It’s the feeling that no matter what goes wrong in life, that person will still be beside us. No matter how many beautiful faces or charming people we come across everyday, it is the momentary joy of having a brief glimpse of that person that provides warmth to our soul just as the Winter Sun.

-Ravleen Chawla, 2nd year