Friday, September 14, 2012


"I'm alive at last; and I'm full of joy." - Benjamin Barker

Night and day in my reverie
But a constant has there been.
And in you I did confide
Whilst I was sweetly belied.

Everything malicious of you
I made believe were imagined
The tenacity of my faith
Twisting the way I perceived

As a fool to be wrapped
In an oblong box
To be taken from the shelf
As you play along.

A fickle child so naïve
Knowing not of your ways
As a demon in the corner
Cauterizing my stitches. 

There's no denying you've
Not been an angel;
Or ever bolstered me
In the acme of my diffidence.
And yet today I feel that
You are no one, and nothing.

Beclouded by your eminence
And the brevity of your bliss
Yet in your presence, I
Believed I'd found myself.

But a fool to be thrown
In that smothering box
Still a promise to start over
And assume I'm breathing.

Over your callousness, I'm jaded
And sickened by this transience.
This isn't me, the destroyer.
It is time I learned letting go.

And forever in friendships
I aver, lie disparities.
But in their coexistence,
I postulate, lies intimacy.

Had our angels prevailed;
As in our advent, we'd be.
And I regret not this schism
Because I know it's best for me.

So split me open, crop me out
Impugn me for our mess
Vindicate me, apologize
Or abase me for our fate.
Do what you will, know that
It is on this dirge that I dance.

In the cold florescence of tonight
I denounce this vicarious life.
It is very difficult to see;
And yet now, I believe in me.
For today from your fences I’m
Digging my ways out.

-Aviral Kulsreshtha, 1st year


Anonymous said...

so b'ful...the feelin f being empowerd, n to not care nemore after so much self neglect.