Sunday, October 17, 2010

you know

They mould you, they pamper you,

And you know they don’t give a damn for you.

They stay by your side, spend time with you,

But it’s only a deception, one day they walk right past you.

They hate you, try to gag you,

But never forget to hail whenever they encounter you.

They mimic you, joke about you,

But invariably say “I do respect you”.

They may need you, maybe not,

But what about the person who himself is lost.

They make you happy; make you feel complete,

But they are not the ones you presently need.

They made you love, they made you loathe,

But it’s time you throw them out of the gate.

You trusted them, treated them as friends,

But now it’s time for you to not give a damn.