Tuesday, October 19, 2010

here be all voracious readers.

I stumbled upon this treasure chest, the spoils of which shall be revealed!

It is a collection of writeups on every random thing on the planet and it was compiled by oxford university, aptly titled, 'Very Short Introduction to X' (although 150 pages is not really that short after all)

Anyway, from logic to chaos theory, from fundamentalism to sexuality, from dada and surrealism to human evolution, they have a short introduction to Every friggin topic and its no B.S.

For the entire list, refer to the all and mighty wiki :

If you are unable to find a hard copy anywhere (and if you please let me know as well), we have to resort to unscrupulous ways of hunting them online.

so everybody who can visit torrents, go to isohunt.com and search.

If enough people want it, I can upload it as well.

Cheers and keep reading!


Avijeet Boparai said...

They should be available at the Oxford University Press exclusive book store in Sector 34.

Avian said...

Read a couple of them.
Its nice to see a systematic approach to abstract topics, compiled by some very intelligent people, but unless you're really interested in the topic, even 150 pages turns into a big deal...