Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Secy Speaketh (title lifted from Mr Raina without permission)

Verve Ended (finally) after the never ending rounds of group discussion. There were a few laughs, the odd heartbreak, the odd spelling disaster and lots and lots of people - but we did manage to (the ambition right from the very start) pull off VERVE at a level never seen before.

The first and Second year surprised me,honestly,with their incessant publicity and marketing drives and the huge participation from within PEC - if you can sustain this kind of energy level, I really do see some good things in the future.

Everyone in the third year, I'm grateful for the immense help you guys were, at the cost of sessionals and classes and MBA classes and what not - grateful really is my word for this fest.

Kshitij, Gagan and Angad - this club really is as much yours as it is mine, and each of the events you guys handled was spectacular in its management. It really is a dream come true to have my own year do as much work as me on the two days of VERVE.

Short descriptions of the event, for the few super seniors who like to know :)

The debate had 80 participants almost in the prelims, has to be some kind of PEC record I'm sure.
3 out of the 10 finalists were from PEC, and both the winners from outside college (although Avneet did only just lose it) - yet both the participation and the quality of it from PEC was quite something. A big thank you to everyone who was in that Audi for the rebuttal - the judges were amazed with our response.

The quiz was conducted in a different and rather fun format this time, 70 teams in the prelims (YES!, be suprised), the quizzing strength of PEC really did shine through, completely steamrolled the event inspire of all the competition.

JAM and twist a script were fun, and very well contested.

The GD did drag on a bit(thanks to our guest from Bulls Eye), but had a lot of wisdom hidden away in the numerous rounds.

Verve is done,I hope everyone is as pleased with it as I am, I'm going on a SAASCless Sunday vacation - but lots of big things to come, I assure you.


mayank said...

Congratulations to Vaibhav and the team for all the wonderful things happening all the time.
Kudos and keep it up

Liar Goodspeed said...

Good Stuff guys!