Monday, March 4, 2013

Swirling Black hole of Chaos

It all amuses us. The fact, that we are where we are, or the place where we could have been. It is all a second life we think about all the time. The love, the pain, the speech, all would have been different. It’s a very complicated feeling to explain. But is it right to think about all that could have been there? Should we, not rather think about how we are right now, the place where we live, and the place we would eventually. Why do we feel something which has already happened is more important, and needs to be given a thought, when we can very well sit down, and think about more important things in life?
We complicate things, we complicate relationships, we complicate feelings, only because of our complicated thoughts. Life plays with us, in so many different ways, that we can’t understand the difference between the hopeless reality, and friction less virtual world.  But do we live enough in whatever we do? We have our moments of happiness, and our moments of remorse. We might lose ourselves, and we might gain what one had never thought. Does every step to our future matter, and must affect us in a manner we can or cannot deal with? Does the ideal reality have to be achieved by each individual to have our human needs and desires satisfied?
 But there are external methods and ways to satisfy the needs. We have our precious little soldiers of death, multiplying our capacities, but killing our desires, and our existence. We need them sometime, only to realize later that it might not have been necessary, and we might just have been able to deal without it. We might have been able to make a better person out of ourselves. Life does not always rewind, at least not for what we have lived to see. We might think of ourselves as rebels, and make our own Hell’s Kitchen, but the truth does not lie there. We have our loveless desires to take care of, whether it is known or not. Whether we accept it or not. The future might be petrifying, but just thinking about how it might affect us in  a good or a bad manner, wants us to be, and makes us grow strong.  

By Vishwa Vijay Singh (2nd Year, Civil Engineering)