Monday, March 4, 2013

Food Review: Viva Mexico! (Sector 10, right above “shots”)

So my friends told me that there is this really amazing and decently priced Mexican food joint just 5 minutes from college. Who dare stop me from going there now?
A narrow staircase in the market of sector 10 led to the extremely brightly colored ambiance. But that didn't matter because it completely gelled with the mood. And what mood is that you may ask? Loving life, carefree and listening to Mexican songs of which you understand nothing but still enjoy it kind of a mood.
As soon as you enter you encounter a very customer friendly food presentation which would remind you of subway but the only difference being it’s not just raw veggies! The chicken Quesadillas are definitely a must have. The cheese melts in your mouth without suppressing the flavor of chicken. I guess the veg Quesadillas are also good but being a hardcore non vegetarian, I never tried them. In case you thought that this was all the place had to offer, you’re wrong. If you’re nice enough and lucky they might just let you wear the sombreros to “enhance the Mexican experience” or so the manager said.
People who have average eating habits could easily get their stomach filled in Rs. 200. A major downer for me was the burrito, it tasted like rajmah chawal wrapped in a roti. Maybe I don’t know what burritos taste like, but if this is the answer, I am never having burritos in my life ever again. All in all if you can’t decide what to eat in the 1 hour break of college, try out this place. In most cases, it won’t disappoint you.


By Dinaz Malik (2nd Year, CSE)