Thursday, October 30, 2008


My mind is quagmire of little thoughts
That churns me within and ties me in knots.
No matter how hard i try to put them aside,
They return to torment and prick my hide.

I really wonder why there is hatred all round,
When God perfected love for all to spread around,
Why is there jealousy and spite in every mind,
When it pays to be very compassionate and kind.

Why should there be anger whenever provoked?
Ever thought of the solace of peace when evoked?
Why is there friction and unrest everywhere?
When unity can happen with gentleness and care.

Why do people lie and cheat every other time?
Isn't the power of truth so sweet and sublime?
Why do people pretend and brag for no reason?
When being natural suits every person.

Why do people hate and go to the extent to kill?
Not blinking even once,they do it even for a thrill,
God created us to live together in amity and peace,
Why the need to quarrel,Oh God!Let all hatred cease.

Why do people feign not recognize faces?
And pass by looking elsewhere or onto their shoelaces,
When happiness lies in sharing friendship with the other,
Why ignore someone who could be as close as your brother.

Why have people turned so greedy and cruel at heart?
With no other emotion than to hate from the start,
They are ignorant,these peolpe who don't even realize,
They are living in a boat that will sooner or later capsize.